…Where Did We Go Wrong?

By Jeff Rogers
December 7, 2013

In the grand scheme of things, we have not been here very long.
Look what we have done to Mother Earth. Where did we go wrong?

We kill so many animals; we torture them for fun.
We use them for entertainment; we like to watch them run.

It’s also true of our fellow humans; we treat them as less than us.
We take away their dignity. We try to control them and then we lose their trust.

We plow down forests and we make fields to raise our meat.
Humans have developed a taste for flesh. Billions suffer so humans can eat.

At one time we ate the fruits of the Earth, because they shall be food for us.
We somehow got way off track causing imbalance and eating from lust!

We take God’s plants and creatures and change their genetic make up.
We wonder why things are going so wrong. It’s time for us to wake up.

We create toxic chemicals and spray them on what we eat.
We wonder why disease is so rampant and cancer is hard to beat.

We spray our poisons in the air, in the soil and water too.
We are gradually destroying the planet that sustains us. Just what are we going to do?

The trees of the planet help clean our air and give us needed O2.
We reciprocate by chopping them down so we can have a better view.

The oceans had been teaming with life; an amazing balance they did share.
They gave us an abundance of oxygen, which helped to form our air.

We now have poisoned the oceans too; they are dying as we speak.
Now teaming with plastic bags and bottles, the seas are becoming weak.

Turtles and fishes now have tumors that grow upon their skin.
The amount of filth and disease in the ocean can make one’s head spin.

Ghost nets drift silently through the oceans trapping life by the gill.
The once magnificent creatures struggle until they are still.

We steal minerals from deep in Mother Earth and explode them in the sky.
We don’t seem to care about the other animals or the Earth; fireworks are so pleasing to the eye.

We are so excited by the bright lights and loud bangs, we lose sight of our animal friends.
In their attempt to escape these harsh unnatural sounds, many will meet their end.

Some will succeed in their initial escape, only to be met by a fast-moving car.
The animals never stand a chance and end up not getting far.

Now at a time of the Winter Solstice, many celebrate the Son of Mary.
Based on what I understand that he taught, the contradictions are very scary!

In the Essene Gospels He reminded us Thou Shall Not Kill meant ALL of God’s creatures.
And yet, at the dinner table in celebration of His life, a roasted animal is often featured!?

Animals’ flesh is stolen from them to fill up a plate.
With so much plant life to eat this is such a mistake.

The body is a temple for the soul to use.
So why, these poor animals, do we abuse?

Their lives we cut short. We should all get a clue!
We take away their temples before they are through!

With all the damage we have caused to this Earth we call “Mother”, we still have so far to go.
The scars, they are deep, what we sew we must reap! We must continue to grow!

It may not seem likely, our legacy is unsightly: Is the damage far too great?
Our light shines not brightly. On this planet we must tread lightly. I’m hoping it’s not too late.

In the grand scheme of things, we have not been here very long.
What have we done for our Mother Earth? Will we only appreciate her once she is gone?

Let’s make it up to her if we possibly can. Is that even possible when we rely on man?
Let’s respect Her life and all the animals on it. The only way to do it is for us to be honest.

She needs our help. She cannot do it alone!? She is the place that we all call home.
If we don’t assist; if we choose to not help; the only choice she will have is to do it alone.

Though the scenery will change, Her life will go on.
Our pollution will taper; there will be a new dawn.

The sun will rise on a new peaceful Earth.
Her inhabitants will value and appreciate Her worth.

At this moment we still have our last cards to play. Let’s hope we have not gone too far astray.
If we play our cards right and we put up a fight, we might see another day.

What cards are you playing?


© 2013 Jeff Rogers

Cover photo of cut trees (JR): Stowe, VT, US
Text background image (JR): Garden in Freeway Park in Downtown Seattle, WA

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