Big Shoes to Fill!
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Big Shoes to Fill!
by Jeff Rogers

People sometimes comment: “You have big shoes to fill.”
How good a fit they really are depends upon our will.

When we are reaching our potential we are staying on our path.
When things in life have gone awry… well, you can do the math.

The shoes that I talk about are not others, but our own.
God assigns us each shoes to fill, which we must fill alone!

We are given the perfect shoes in life to fit our “potential” feet.
It is up to us to honor our purpose and march along that street.

While others may assist us, our shoes they cannot fill.
They may help us stay on our path, but our destiny we alone fulfill.

Our friends may encourage us, but they will never fill our shoes.
As we come to crossroads in life, we alone must choose.

God gives us specific tasks in life to accomplish as we go.
And if we accomplish what we should, we will continue to grow.

He also gives us a mission in life that no one else can do.
So, it’s important for us to stay on our path and always follow through.

Others have their own path, just as I have mine.
We should follow our inner guidance and honor the Divine.

My shoes also protect my feet; they keep me dry and warm.
Through all the challenges in my life, God helps me to perform!

As we begin a brand new year, it’s a time to reassess.
We look at the shoes we are meant to fill, and our course we readdress.

When walking along the path of life, the wrong shoes can be like hell.
So, in this year of 2006 (and beyond), I hope your shoes fit well!

Have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

©2005 Jeff Rogers


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